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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available for me?


It all depends on what you are looking for. If it concerns with substance misuse you can contact:

1) Pathways to Recovery - http://www.cri.org.uk

14-16 Bold Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1DL

Tel: 01925 415176 / Fax: 01925 413300

Out of hours Single Point of Contact Drug Advice Help Line: 07919 558644 (Free)

An integrated drug treatment service providing a full range of treatment options to those affected by drug use whatever the drug that is being used. It offers a full spectrum of support from advice and information (open access and drop in service) through to medical and psychological treatment and access to residential rehabilitation. The service is confidential and treatment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Pathways offers: specialist advice and information; needle exchange and health promotion; psycho social and medical assessment; testing for blood borne viruses; vaccinations for Hepatitis B; medical interventions including methadone and buprenorphine prescribing; community detoxification; GP shared care; action planning, care coordination and key work; group work including relapse prevention; referral and assessment for residential rehabilitation and detoxification; Drug Intervention Programme, supporting substance users involved in the criminal justice system; harm reduction and abstinence based treatment; life skills training.

2) Trust the Process Counseling (TTP) - http://www.trusttheprocess.org

Holly House, 73 Sankey Street, Warrington. WA1 1SL

Tel: 01925 405040

TTP offers rehabilitation programmes based around the 12 step alcoholism and addiction treatment modality, which has been proven over 7 decades to be a highly effective method for identifying and resolving issues, to progress from addiction to recovery.

To find out if this is the programme for you TTP suggests that you ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you live in Warrington?
  2. Do you want to stop the chaos?
  3. Can you spare the time for a “brand new life”?
  4. Do you need to repair relationships and start getting on with people?
  5. Do you want a fulfilling career and job prospects?

TTP offers a permanent recovery; a chance to realise your potential; guaranteed confidentiality; support from qualified counselors 7 days a week; immediate assessment within 24 hours; a chance to regain your confidence and self-esteem; access to education to learn new skills; opportunity to start a new career.

3) Addiction Dependency Solutions (ADS) - http://www.adsolutions.org.uk

4 Museum Street, Warrington. WA1 1HU

Tel: 01925 428465 / Fax: 01925 651174

In Warrington ADS is funded by the NHS and offers support to individuals with an alcohol addiction. ADS Mission Statement is “To promote a better and more sympathetic understanding of alcohol and drug related problems, to study their causes and effects and undertake and cooperate with all relevant agencies in the prevention, treatment and aftercare of those affected by alcohol and drug misuse.”

4) Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - http://www.nwna.info

e-mail: nwna.pr@hotmail.co.uk


Wednesday & Friday: 7.30 pm at James Lee House, Brick Street, Warrington. WA1

Monday: 7.30 pm at YMCA, 3 Winmarleigh Street, Warrington. WA1 1NB

5) Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) - http://www.aa-uk.org.uk

National Helpline: 08457 697555

A supporting service aimed at individuals who want to recover and abstain from alcoholism. There are no fees and it is self-supporting through members contributions.


  • Monday: 8 pm at Eric Moore Health Centre and Hollins Park Hospital, Hollins Lane
  • Tuesday: 7.45 pm at Brooker Centre, Halton Hospital,Runcorn
  • Wednesday: 8 pm at Bold Street Methodist Church, Warrington
  • Friday: 8 pm at Oakwood Community Centre, 62 White Walk, Oakwood, Warrington
  • Saturday: 8 pm at the Methodist Church, Padgate Lane, Padgate, Warrington.
  • Sunday: 12.30 pm at Oakwood Community Centre, 62 White Walk, Oakwood, Warrington.

How can I access the services?


You can access the services yourself (self-referral) or you can ask any professional working with you to refer you to the services (e.g. GP, nurse, Probation, key-worker, DIP, etc).

Where can I get 'clean works'?


Pathways offer a needle exchange service. It can be accessed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 12 midday.

There are some Chemists in Warrington that also provide clean needles. For their names and addresses please contact Pathways (01925 415176).

Do I have to be on a script to access services?


No, you do not have to be on a script to access services. Anybody who needs advice, support or any treatment can access the services mentioned above.

Is there any support for stimulant users?


You can get support from Pathways to Recovery and from the local NA group.
For more information about cocaine use please go to www.cauk.org.uk

You can also get support from NA (information as above).